ganga_profileGanga Thapa is dynamic and versatile musician originating from ,Nepal, currently based in London. His area of expertise includes Sarod, Classical Guitar, singing, as well as original musical compositions which is the outcome of his academic and performance experience gained in Nepal  and more recently the UK. To broaden his interest and experience in global world music, he moved to London and graduate  at the School of Oriental & African Studies(University Of London) in Ethnomusicology which is defined in Wikipedia as” the study of Social and cultural aspects of music and dance in local and global contexts”.

He has collaborated with variety of international musicians at prestigious venues . His ongoing interest in Indian classical, Nepalese, Latin and African musical styles has led to a number of collaborations and  performed at many prestigious events

Ganga Has Performed at Many Prestigious Events including Himalayan Festival, Indian Classical Programmed (UCL, University of London), South Kerala Festival (South Bank London), Experience the Magic Of Nepal, Nepali Street Festival (Spitalfields Market, London), Rabindranath Tagore’s 150th Anniversary`(Winsor), Nepalese Music Festival (Woolwich), Osho Lila Festival (Dorset), The BT River Music  festival With Arun Ghosh, one of the biggest music festivals in Europe, represented from Nepal For Olympic and London Jazz Festival at Albany Theatre.

He is also writing and recording original material for his premier Nepalese fusion project which is a “soaking up” of the various influences of collaborations with other musicians. You can hear musical strands from Nepal, Mali, India, and South America to name a [Samples will soon be available on the Facebook site prior to official release].

 Ganga’s philosophy about music is based on simple premise – that creativity in music requires discipline, attentive listening, an open unbiased approach, embracing new ideas and the ability to spiritually feel resonance in music. Persistence is the key as this eventually adds credibility to one’s musical character. 

Ganga’s academic and teaching background combined with his practical experiences places him at the forefront of the Nepalese and global community.