Namro @ Songs to Inspire

Namlo is Nepalese fusion band based in London that committed to raise the profile of Nepalese music in global context. This is a unique collaboration of musicians inspired by Ganga Thapa, a versatile professional musician originally from Nepal, now based in London.

The word,“Namlo’’, a strap used together with a “DOKO” basket for transport the goods .It’s meaning is symbolic as the weaving of the basket represents the cultural bonding and support of the Nepalese community worldwide.

Ganga’s remit in this context is to bring together all his collective experiences with various world musicians to represent and make Nepalese music accessible in a contemporary way by fusing indigenous Nepalese folk with other stylistic/ethnic global influences.
This is significant as Nepalese music has a low profile in world music – however it has now been re-interpreted by Ganga by adding additional musical flavours and instrumentation in an eclectic way.He brings homeland with poetic lyrics and melodies inspired by Himalayan foothills & mountains, whilst weaving a cross-cultural musical soundscape influenced by West Africa to South America.


Robyn Hemming : Double Bass
Sanoj Thapa : Nepalese Percussion
Siemy Di : Percussion /Drum kit
Bishwo Shahi : Guitar/Music producer/Sound Engineer
Rachel Hayter: Flute
Shreya Rai : Vox
Ganga Thapa : Guitar/Vox/